11th Grade

Veritas Press curriculum offerings for Eleventh Grade

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Omnibus V Secondary - Summer B - Live Online Course

In this Live Online Course students will cover works from and about the medieval world and other important works. (Recommended for grade 11. May be taken in grades 7-12.)


Creative Writing - Summer A - Live Online Course

In this Live Online Course students will organize and write a novel. Class activities will provide a springboard for novice novelists and a sounding board for eager editors.


Film and Worldview - Summer A - Live Online Course

In this Live Online Course, students will learn to examine film in light of a Christian worldview, by looking at storytelling, worldview, and spirituality in the movies. (May be taken in grades 10-12.)


Logic 1 - Summer A - Live Online Course

In this course, students test the validity of syllogisms as well as learn the informal fallacies, truth tables, and formal proofs in an effort to aid students in the worship of God, who is Logic Himself.


Apologetics - Live Online Course

Students will explore history, theology, philosophy, and popular culture through the Christian apologetic lens to find that every discipline has apologetic value from geometry, to the sciences, even to poetry.


Pre-Calculus Math-U-See - Live Online Course

Math-U-See PreCalculus meets the PreCalculus requirement for the VSA Associate and Standard Level diploma only.


Biology Novare - Live Online Course

Biology is the nexus from which all other life sciences extend. Veritas is pleased to offer Biology using the Novare curriculum.


Physics I Novare - Live Online Course

Using the Novare curriculum, our Physics I Novare course gives students the opportunity to practice concise communication while learning the nuts and bolts of physics, and thoroughly prepares students for future studies in the sciences.


Physical Science Novare - Live Online Course

Our Novare Physical Science course exercises minds while establishing foundational science skills. Using the Novare curriculum, students develop skills in mathematics, English, and measurement.


Earth Science Novare - Live Online Course

Our Earth Science course uses the Novare curriculum to echo Micah 6:8, spurring students to walk humbly before the Creator and to do justly toward His creation.


Hebrew - Live Online Course

This course is an introductory level course, providing a foundation in the basics of Hebrew grammar and vocabulary. Students will read well-known folk tales and traditional Messianic Jewish prayers in Hebrew.


Novels of Jane Austen - Summer A - Live Online Course

In this Live Online Course students will explore the literary quality of her writing, but also how to engage culturally through storytelling.


Yearbook Club - Live Online Club

Join the Yearbook club and help create a piece of living history that you can hold in your hand! At its inception, the yearbook committee determined to call the VSA yearbook Legato, which is generally understood to mean "in a smooth and flowing manner without breaks between notes" and in Italian ...


Apologetics Club - Live Online Club

The VSA Apologetics Club is an organization focused on wrestling with some of the deepest questions found in the Christian worldview while having fun and interacting with friends from all over the globe.


Latin Readings Classical Authors - Live Online Course 2017-2

In this Live Online Course students will fine-tune previously learned Latin skills as they focus on translating selections from Caesar and other classical texts. This course is eligible for dual enrollment credit for junior and senior diploma students. (May be taken in grades 7-12.)


German III - Live Online Course

German III will review the basics of German grammar and vocabulary in the first 8 weeks and then spend the rest of the year reading, translating, and analyzing German texts.


Art History - Live Online Course

The Art History Live Online Course is taught through a biblical lens and covers a general survey of Western art history, from the caves of Lascaux to the artists of the twenty-first century.


Computer Programming - Live Online Club

The purpose of the Computer Programming club is to learn how to write computer programs, starting from the basics and building up to 2D computer games you can play and share with your friends.


Biology Club - Live Online Club

In this Live Online Club students will dig deeper into familiar topics in Biology and explore new ones through discussions, activities, and more!


Latin Readings - Virgil

This course assumes the student has achieved a significant level of proficiency in Latin grammar and is ready to read unadapted Latin texts with a focus on Virgil and Caesar.


Mandarin Chinese II - Live Online Course

In this Live Online Course students will further expand their vocabulary and conversational ability while enhancing their knowledge of the Chinese people, economics, politics, archeology, and history spanning back over 5,000 years. (May be taken in grades 7-12.)


Poetry - Live Online Course

In this Live Online Course students will learn how to better understand and appreciate poetry while also honing your skills as a poet who can become equipped to enter the Great Conversation. (May be taken in grades 9-12.)


Western Civilization - Live Online Course

In this Live Online Course students will look at a survey-style overview of Western civilization. (May be taken in grades 7-12.)

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