Novare Experiments for Physics: Modeling Nature

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This volume contains the complete teacher's instructions for conducting the lab experiments for our advanced physics text, Physics: Modeling Nature. The contents of this book are adapted from our book Favorite Experiments in Physics and Physical Science. Each chapter typically includes a list of Learning Objectives, Materials List, Experimental Purpose, Scientific Overview, Pre-Lab Discussion Points, Student Instructions, any Safety Concerns, and discussion of the use of any special apparatus.


Bulls Eye Lab: use vector-based equations for two-dimensional projectile motion to make predictions

The Friction Challenge: design methods to produce accurate and precise measurements of static and kinetic coefficients of friction and implement these methods to measure brass-on-brass contact under dry and lubricated conditions

Rotational Kinetic Energy: use energy equations to predict translational velocity of a solid steel ball after it rolls to the bottom of a ramp, and compare prediction to experimental results

Calorimetry: determine specific heat capacity of copper using the techniques of calorimetry and theory of heat transfer

Sound Lab: use the theory of inverse square variation and logarithms to make quantitative predictions about decibels and sound pressure level of a piezo siren at various distances

Includes color photos of the experiments being conducted in a classroom setting.

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