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Classical Kids Vol 1 CDs

With stories and related music, this series is a wonderful and entertaining way to introduce children to classical composers and their works. Titles include: Bach, Beethoven, Mozart (The Magic Flute) and Vivaldi.


Classical Kids Vol 2 CDs

A fun and effective way to develop a love of classical music, this entertaining series combines stories about famous composers with selections from their famous works. Titles include: Handel, Mozart (Magnificent Voyage), Song of the Unicorn, and Tchaikovsky.


Classical Kids Teaching Edition

An award-winning music appreciation course for children, this amazing 14-disk resource includes music, history, dramatic presentations, and visual arts to teach the lives and the works of great composers. A great resource for developing a love of music.


Mr. Pipes: Psalms and Hymns

Join two young Americans on vacation in Europe with Mr. Pipes to learn about timeless hymns and psalms, the stories behind them, and the amazing impact that the Reformation had on singing and singing on the Reformation.


Meet the Orchestra

Can you imagine a raccoon playing a violin or a walrus a string bass? Thirty years from now your child may still recall this clever book and the memorable pictures that aided his learning of the instruments in an orchestra.


The Accidental Voyage: Discovering Hymns of the Early Centuries

Two young people experience unusual adventures as they travel across Europe with an English organist known as Mr. Pipes. Their experiences in The Accidental Voyage: Discovering Hymns of the Early Centuries lead to a deeper understanding of the stories and the people behind 16 famous hymn...

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