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Math-U-See Algebra/Decimal Insert Kit

If your student is ready to tackle the advanced decimal and algebra concepts in Zeta, Pre-Algebra, or Algebra 1, you need the Math-U-See Algebra/Decimal Insert Kit to use with the Integer Block Kit. This set includes 20 red hundredths blocks, 4 red sna...


Math-U-See Fraction Overlay Kit

Used when teaching fractions in Epsilon, this updated Math-U-See Fraction Overlay Kit includes new eighths pieces and more unit pieces to make it easier for students to build mixed-number problems. The fold-shut case has tabbed flaps and clearly marked sections, so overlays stay...


Math-U-See Integer Block Kit

The Math-U-See Integer Block Kit contains 133 pieces and is the only manipulative set you'll need for many levels of Math-U-See, including Primer - Delta. For Zeta - Algebra 1, you'll need this set, as well as the Algebra/Decimal Insert Kit.

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