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The Veritas Approach to Self-Paced History

Self Paced - Exceptional quality web-based courses that combine engaging video, interactive exercises and fun games. We call these courses “self-paced” because you do them when and where you want to.

Learning should be fun. We want your kids begging for more. That's why our Self-Paced Omnibus courses are the perfect solution for families and schools that want to take some of the stress out of learning, with a curriculum that kids love and truly learn.

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Each course:

  • Teaches students to think and not just learn facts.
  • Provides learning assessments built in to the course to reinforce learning.
  • Maintains grades automatically that can be viewed by parents and students.
  • Is full of interactive learning.
  • Provides teaching from and tours of the actual locations where history occurred.
  • Is taught by experts in the subject areas—instructors who have the right mind and the right heart.

Not only will students be prepared to address the challenges of an unbelieving world in college and beyond, they will be prepared to engage it winsomely and convincingly. This is exactly what our Christian children need now. It's what your children need. Learning from the Great Books, an historically effective way to educate and create thinkers, has never been easier.