Saxon Math 2 Home Study Meeting Book

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In each day of learning, you will employ a teacher-student meeting time to introduce and practice key concepts before you launch into a new lesson. The Saxon Math 2 Home Study Meeting Book provides your first grader practice in dates, time, temperature, and money, as well as serves as a calendar to track student progress. You will need a copy of this consumable for each student at this level; one is included in the Saxon Math 2 Home Study Kit.

The friendliest and most thorough math program available, the Saxon approach uses incremental advances and continual review to allow any student to master the grammar of math easily. Young minds are eager and able to learn, and that's why we recommend using this program ahead of the stated grade level—something John Saxon himself told us he supported. You may find the need to read problems aloud to your student, especially in the first part of the school year, but that's no cause for concern. Your child will be able to grasp the content and drill, drill, drill to experience the essential triumph of ever-improving mastery.

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