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A Rhetoric of Love - Teacher's Edition (eBook)

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A Rhetoric of Love Teacher's Edition (eBook) gives guidance and suggestions on how to teach the student text (000860). Its notes, plans, and assessments inform and advise.

The teacher edition should be viewed as a companion text, not a cookbook. Teachers who invest themselves, giving the topics attention, preparation, and reflection, will enjoy remarkable results for their students—and, maybe learn something themselves.

Some who teach rhetoric have studied the subject before. Many haven't. This teacher edition assumes no prior knowledge of the subject. It does assume, though, that the teacher will read the student text before the student does.

This volume aims to connect the modern teacher to an ancient topic. It aims to do so with the least frustration, too. To achieve that goal, its lessons and helps follow a basic design:

- Each lesson in this volume pairs with the same-numbered chapter in the student text.
- Each lesson represents a week's worth of instruction. Further, each lesson's instruction is divided into five sessions.
- Each lesson shows when content should be completed: before, during, or after a session.
- Most lessons follow the same pattern.
- Linked articles, videos, and other media appear throughout the teacher edition.
- Appendix C provides a midterm exam and final.

We enjoyed putting this teacher edition together for you. We hope you'll find it useful, find ways to build upon it and adapt it to your students' needs, but most important is that it helps you equip students to speak, write and live A Rhetoric of Love.

"A Rhetoric of Love is must reading for those who want to do more than win an argument." —Michael Horton 

"This is a curriculum suffused in the historical awareness, academic substantiveness, and poetic graciousness of a master teacher." —George Grant

This eBook is made available through VitalSource

*Please note that this eBook is non-refundable and is intended for viewing in the Bookshelf reader app. Printing capability is limited and is not recommended.  Only two pages may be printed at one time, and they will include a faint watermark across the center of the page that says "Do Not Copy." If you want a printed version, please consider purchasing the physical textbook rather than this eBook.

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